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14th September 2009

perfect_gold10:37pm: [dj ashba daily]

Nothing fancy, just a picture community dedicated to DJ Ashba of Sixx:A.M. and Guns n' Roses. Join if you like him. Join if you've heard of him. Join if you just like pictures of pretty men.


9th April 2009

littlebird_1235:38pm: for SALE!!!

hiya, I have a really wide range/variety of things I'm looking to sell

all different styles of clothing, makeup, jewelry, perfume, accessories, stickers and buttons.

It is a huge range, and a ton of stuff, so please check out my journal post! (I only have one!) and tell me if you're interested :)

all the items have pictures, so all you have to do is click my name & scroll!

may as well right?

thanks :)


10th December 2006

prisoneroftime4:15am: Hey, I just wanted to let you know that ROCKSTAR Taste of Chaos presale tickets are now on sale. This year the tour features: The Used, 30 Seconds to Mars, Senses Fail, Saosin, Chiodos, Aiden and Evaline.

Click here to purchase tickets from MusicToday.com

All tour dates featured in the Rockstar Taste of Chaos presale include an exclusive discounted ticket price that is only available through the Rockstar Taste of Chaos ticket presale. The ticket prices will increase for every show once the presale ends.

Every person that buys a ticket now is eligible to win a chance to receive an opportunity to PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR with VIP TREATMENT from ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK. One winner plus their guest will be Partying Like a Rock Star. Winners will have access in to the RTOC exclusive VIP area to watch the show and the privilege to cut the line at all autograph sessions, merchandise lines, and/or other tour related lines.

Presale tickets are on sale now for the following dates:
2/17 – San Francisco, CA – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
2/18 – Reno, NV – Lawlor Events Center – University of Nevada - Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
2/20 – Fresno, CA – Selland Arena - Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
2/21 – San Diego, CA – ipayOne Center at the Sports Arena
2/22 – Long Beach, CA – Long Beach Convention Center Arena - Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
2/23 – Sacramento, CA – ARCO Arena - Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
2/25 – Glendale (Phoenix), AZ – Jobing.com Arena - Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/1 – El Paso, TX – El Paso County Coliseum - Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/2 – Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie – Grand Prairie, TX
3/3 – Corpus Christi, TX – Concrete Street Amphitheater - Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/4 - San Antonio, TX – AT&T Center - Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/5 – Houston, TX – Verizon Wireless Theater - Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/7 - Pensacola, FL – Pensacola Civic Center - Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/8 – Jacksonville, FL – Morocco Shrine Center and Auditorium - Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/9 – Coral Gables (Miami – Ft. Lauderdale), FL – BankUnited Center – Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/10 – Orlando, FL – Tinker Field – Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/11 – Tampa, FL – Sun Dome – University of South Florida – Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/13 – Atlanta / Duluth, GA – The Arena @ Gwinnett Center
3/15 – Champaign, IL – Assembly Hall
3/16 – Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
3/17 – Milwaukee, WI – Eagles Ballroom – Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/18 – Dayton, OH – Hara Arena – Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/20 – Camden, NJ – Tweeter Center
3/23 – Uniondale (New York City), NY – Nassau Coliseum – Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/24 – Asbury Park, NJ – Asbury Park Convention Hall – Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/27 – Montreal, QC – Stade Uniprix
3/28 – Kanata (Ottawa), ON – Scotiabank Place – Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/29 – Kitchener (London), ON – Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Complex – Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
3/30 – Mississauga (Toronto), ON – Arrow Hall – International Centre – Presale ends Friday, December 15th at 5PM Eastern Time
4/3 – Winnipeg, MB – Winnipeg Convention Centre
4/5 – Edmonton, AB Shaw – Conference Centre
4/6 – Calgary, AB – Calgary Stampede Corral


10th October 2006

aliskabatcat5:00pm: New community le_visage

Delete the post if it is against rules


24th September 2006

slntdesperation6:50pm: __emo_xcore_

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18th September 2006

slntdesperation9:49am: <


15th September 2006

slntdesperation8:59pm: Battle Scars
Image hosting by Photobucket

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14th September 2006

slntdesperation10:43pm: Got Emo?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com_got_emo_


gorgeouscorpse10:01am: just joined
so... i had this weird sorta dream/non-dream episode last night. i fell asleep at 10:30 and woke up at 11:30 thinking there was something i was supposed to be doing. like i shot right outta bed and started pacing trying to think of what it was. then i'd look at the clock and go "oh yeah, you were dreaming, you twit." but i couldn't remember what i was dreaming of. then i'd fall asleep again and wake up in another hour and repeat the whole scene. all night. every time i woke up it was something new. i had to pet the dog or i had to turn on the tv.

anyone else ever do this?

what an odd post for a first-timer, right? =)
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13th September 2006

slntdesperation11:01pm: Are you Rad?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFun members<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v640/MusicEqualsLife/pinkstaryay.gif" alt="Image hosted


7th September 2006

dear_whoever_7:36pm: _got_emo_

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25th August 2006

foundation_nyc7:33pm: Cartel needs your help!!!
Help now and revel in it later!!!!

Vote at : http://www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/trl/series.jhtml#/ontv/dyn/trl/voting.jhtml


hannnahxmcrx6:01pm: umm... hello.
hello, im Hannah and i'm 12, call me a little kid, well im not, yeah im not even a teenager but i still act older. Im a vegaterian, i've only just joined live journal, and i dont even know if im doing this right. I want to make new friends. Well im going now good-day. x

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17th August 2006

kinky_carter9:00pm: Hey if you're emo and have poetry pictures or whatever come join this club.



11th August 2006

pinkposterpaint6:16pm: Image hosted by Photobucket.com_got_emo_

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1st August 2006

perplexed_one12:51am: Brianectomy
So, I'm sitting here at 11:38 at night and I want to fucking crawl out of my skin. I haven't posted in like forever, but nothing has really happened. The usual, got screwed over by a few people. Then I screwed over some others (the previous statement I am sorry for, I'm sorry, you know who you are). I was really hoping that this year was going to be better, was going to be the best. It's a sham though. I'm starting to think I should stop hoping or wishing for things anymore because where the hell is it going to get you? I'll tell you where, no where. I am having issues with my brain once again and it seems like no one wants to help me or tell me what's wrong. I'm starting to wonder if anyone can or ever will be able to. Just imagine your brain wanting to push itself out of your skull and at the same time finger nails scratching into it, that's what it feels like.

I keep wanting to tell it to fuck off and go away but it wont. I am starting to envy those who are in comas and can't feel anything. I am falling into a depression due to lack of human contact. I feel so frustrated. I am increasing the pain greatly by being on here but I don't want to be alone. Talking to this live journal or anyone who reads it (yeah right) is better than lying in my bed with the pain. I guess I should be happy that the doctor could fit me in on Thursday, that's like a miracle for them, but god damn how much longer do I have to deal with this.

I know, this is a woe is me journal, and I swore I wouldn't be writing shit like this, but I can't stand it, I have to let it out somewhere. I haven't talked to Candie since the night we hung out, I tried to call her but no go. I miss her and tammo. We were having so much fun that night, including me, that day was the best day ever! Time to try and distract myself and talk about that even though I should take vicoden and go to sleep.

We went to the Angeles Crest forest last Wed and it was so awesome. I was in complete awe of all the trees and the gigantic sci-fi like butterflies that were there. It was so awesome! Going there as the trio was so great, it felt so bonding-like. I felt kind of bad because Tammo didn't seem to be enjoying it as much, but that was easily one of THE best days of my life. Oh man, I can't believe I used the bathroom there. Warning to all you people out there, if you have to piss - piss in the woods, and if you gotta take a shit, well, take a shit in your pants, let me tell you it's better than the bathroom situation. I am surprised I got out of that alive. I seriously thought something was either going to crawl up from below and chop me to death or I was going to die from a heart attack. I kid you not, I was playing every horror movie in my head while I was sitting on the toilet trying to get service.

So, yes too much information, but just thought I should give that warning, oh and BRING YOUR OWN TOILET PAPER, thanks tammo! So anyway, it was so great, the trees, the stream, just being in nature, AH, I LOVED IT! It was great to have Harry Potter read to us, I thought that I wouldn't like that part and that I would be totally bored, but I was totally into and intrigued. I was actually bummed that we stopped. We came back to my house and took a quick dip that was interrupted by other people's plans so we did some star gazing. Totally fun. It was a little hard for me to see, but it was cool. Then I had drama with my brain. I seriously hope this doesn't spoil it for us doing the rest of our adventures because that was seriously the most fun I've had. That and when we went to Red Rock Canyon. It was such a great day, last wednesday, aside from my brain.

So, anyway, I think I need a brainectomy. Oh, and by the way, I dig my dog called and left me a message asking if I was still interested in employment with them, I turned in an application back in april, they said they had some positions they needed to fill. It was the lady I left four messages for, she must have never gotten any of my messages. I must call them first thing tomorrow.
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16th July 2006

gjgeekx6:25pm: I know, I know, another senseless advertisement, but it just feels that this new emo subculture definitely belongs in this group. It's all about the Absent Generation, those young adults in the ages between 16-18 who just don't know what to do with their lives. This group isn't limited to discussion of one thing, anything you feel, music, movies, poetry, books, life, personal feelings, anything.

There's nothing required to join, nothing to fill out to join. However if you feel a little background info is necessary to introduce yourself, then go right ahead. I just hope this group takes off.

Nothing Feels Good


3rd July 2006

advienga4:51pm: Taking Back Sunday/Angels & Airwaves/Head Automatica Tonight!
I'm going to see Taking Bakc Sunday in concert tonight. They're with Angels & Airwaves and Head Automatica. I am SO excited!

I'll post any fun concert moments when I get back :3
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28th June 2006

untileternity8:31pm: NEW MUSIC *GO LISTEN!!!*

we just put up 4 new songs take a listen tell us what you think
Until Eternity


arucard075:38am: On My Honor.
Has anyone else heard of them ? They're quite awesome !

Their Myspace
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20th June 2006

Image hosting by Photobucket

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15th June 2006

seventeenkisses10:14pm: Paramore!!
My favorite NEW band is Paramore or, atleast, until my chem release a new album. It's funny that in this generation (or any really) they're aren't alot of female rockers out there that actually ROCK. Hayley Williams' voice is amazingly good for someone so young. she's my heroine and I can't wait for them to come out with new stuff.
Suggested track to download: "Emergency"
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1st June 2006

untileternity8:38pm: New music!

we just got back from the studio, check out the new stuff and let us know what you think!
Until Eternity


26th May 2006


hello loves =]

my name is stephanie im 13 [i will be 14 in september]... my favorite[or ones i just like] bands are, the spill canvas, taking back sunday,panic!at the disco,yellow card, my chemical romance, aiden,fall out boy, the format, and bright eyes.

i just wanted to introduce myself..now on to more important things!
anyone going to warped tour this summer? 

<3 talk to you all later
[busy watching fuse..anyone else like fuse?]


13th May 2006

advienga3:10am: Hi, I'm New...
Just writing to say "Hi" to everyone since I'm new to the community. My name's Angie, and, er, "Hi".

Since this place is all about the emo, here's some bands I like in case anyone wants to talk about them. Or something!

Taking Back Sunday, The Academy Is..., PANIC! At The Disco, Brand New, Aiden, 30 Seconds To Mars, Fall Out Boy, Thrice, and We Are Scientists are my current favorites.

Er, so that's it. Hope I'm emo enough for everyone ;-;
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